I have taken the first five episodes of the podcast off the podcast feed. I have decided that we will remaster them down the track. Fix the narration etc.

I believe that the writing is good but it is damaged by the style of the narration and the continued criticism was too much. If you want to listen to the old episodes with the old narration you can find them here at the PODCAST GRAVEYARD. Just keep in mind we will be re releasing them soon with new narration, expanded writing and new editing.


Once more I have to reiterate. Thank you to anyone who has listened or read any of our work. The reaction to the podcast has exceeded our expectations greatly. On that note, an EXTRA HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who has reached out and said positive things about the website or the podcast. We have had some really trying times over our way recently and reading something nice helps more than you will ever know, truly; you people are wonderful.