Hi friends,

Here we are on the official launch day for The ‘Launch Day’ was initially going to be an arbitrary date we picked far out into the future. So we could tinker and fiddle with things on the backend while we figured out how to make a podcast and a website.

Somewhere along the line the ‘Launch’ became when the look and sound of the show was finalised. Then it became, I will launch a brand new episode on ‘Launch’. That also didn’t happen as I launched it on the weekend.

Which brings us back to ‘Launch Day’ being an arbitrary date so we can tinker and fiddle with things. Ultimately on our journey to launch. I realised it doesn’t matter what day I call ‘Launch’. It launched months ago. The Podcast is now a living entity. It has evolved and changed so much since our initial conception. It almost has its own will, pulling itself into realms it finds interesting and alluring. We will always be fiddling and tinkering with ideas, concepts and changes. Sometimes these ideas may not work. We are not infallible but are working hard to make the show the best we can.

Once more I have to reiterate. Thank you to anyone who has listened or read any of our work. The reaction to the podcast has exceeded our expectations greatly. On that note, an EXTRA HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who has reached out and said positive things about the website or the podcast. We have had some really trying times over our way recently and reading something nice helps more than you will ever know, truly; you people are wonderful.

Thank you for reading and hopefully be seeing you for a long time into our future,

Sirius and Glinda Rust
(True Crime NZ)

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