Dear friends,

I have taken the first five episodes of the podcast off the podcast feed. I have decided that we will remaster them down the track. Fix the narration etc.

I believe that the writing is good but it is damaged by the style of the narration and the continued criticism was too much. If you want to listen to the old episodes with the old narration you can find them here at the PODCAST GRAVEYARD. Just keep in mind we will be re releasing them soon with new narration, expanded writing and new editing.

Thanks everyone,



  1. Hello, have just read you are taking your pod casts off to redo at a later stage. I started listening to them after hearing you on Radio NZ interview, and have been very much intrigued not only by the content but by the style of your delivery which i have found much easier to listen to than other podcasts eg Black Hands. Your delivery allows the listener to make up their own minds about the content, rather than be persuaded and cajoled as i found with the others. Please dont remove them, i have recommended them to a few people, and have listened to them with other people who agree with me. I am tired of hearing newsreaders and presenters and their style, i much prefer yours in the context of research into true NZ crimes


    • Thank you for your kind words and recommendations to people.

      The style won’t change that much. We will just re-record the narration to be a bit more tolerable to all the people I have been receiving criticism from. More in the style of the Parker-Hulme murder episodes. To be honest with you it has been really hard to hear people call it “unbearable” and “a joke” over and over again. It just got too painful to leave it up.

      Thank you once again for the kind words. You have no idea how much it means to us.


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