Hi friends,

Sirius here. I have spent the last week or so sick. Life, huh? Always getting in the way of my plans. Why should you care? It means the next episode (Part II of Sophie Elliott) is going to be delayed a little bit while I catch up. The script is about three quarters done (already one of the longest scripts I’ve written) and is feeling pretty good to read. I am liking this one. Just need some more time.

On the topic of releases, I’ve been doing some thinking. I really dislike having a set schedule; ever since we changed from just releasing the episodes as I finished them to a schedule — this has begun to feel like a job.

We are just a couple of people, I have got to stop treating this podcast like a business; it isn’t. It is just something we do in our free time. Sometimes I’ll have more free time for the show and I’ll get it out in week, sometimes it may take longer. This way feels more organic and less corporate; more enjoyable for me personally.

So, in summing up. Going forward, we will be releasing episodes as we complete them. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook pages if you would like to say informed about impending releases.

Hope you all are feeling better than I am right now. As always, thank you for reading and listening.

Much love,


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