Case 23: The Aramoana Massacre (PART II)

ARAMOANA, OTAGO. 1990 was a special year for the citizens of New Zealand. It was Aotearoa’s sesquicentenary, NZ’s 150th year and local governments had put on events and activities to celebrate the occasion. By the 13th of November 1990, the Sesqui celebrations were wrapping up and many of the Aramoana residents were in the nearby town of Port Chalmers enjoying what remained of the Sesqui.

Those who remained in the tiny seaside village of Aramoana on the 13th of November were not prepared for what was to unfold. No one could have predicted that such a lovely, warm Spring day would become Aramoana’s darkest day, the day David Gray went on his rampage, the day of the dawn of ‘The Aramoana Massacre’.

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Hosted by Jessica Rust

Written and edited by Sirius Rust

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“Percussion Hits from Filtered Noise”, “Sorry, I Meant to Say That You Are Eating A Cheeseburger”, “I Can No Longer Hear the Song of the Birds”, “Synth Sequence and Vocal Pad”

Kevin MacLeod (
“Day of Chaos”, “Evening of Chaos”, “Symmetry”, “Night Break”

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

— END OF PART II (2/3)


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