Tēnā koutou friends,

Jessica here, with a quick update on some new things happening around our way. With the completion of the Rainbow Warrior story, that was our 12th case and 21st episode. Which was kind of like a season for us.

So, what we thought might be a nice way to archive these stories was to compile them together into a nice and tidy book; ‘True Crime NZ – The Cases: Volume One’. We are very proud of how this is coming together; we are putting a lot of time into rewriting parts of the scripts to make sense in the context of a non-fiction book as opposed to a podcast. 

Fig 1. Cover and first page of ‘TCNZ – The Cases: Volume One’

Once the book is completed; we will be launching it for anyone to download from for free. With the hope that the book will be shared with people that may not know this podcast exists, or may not enjoy podcasts, or just prefer reading to listening.

Fig 2. Case 7 of ‘TCNZ – The Cases: Volume One’

You will have the ability to email the book to anyone, then they can download it onto any book app on their tablet, phone or computer and it will look like any other book on your e-book shelf. For those strapped for cash, with Christmas coming up, you could sent the book to loved ones as a gift.

If you follow our social media pages; we’ve got a couple of photos of how the book is coming along. I’ll link those social pages in the show notes of this episode, please follow to keep informed about any updates. We are hoping to launch our first book on the 1st of December 2019.

Fig 3. Page 249 and 250 of ‘TCNZ – The Cases: Volume One’

Now for another little announcement. Over the past month or so, we have been receiving a couple of emails, comments and reviews critiquing the mispronunciations of certain words and names. This led to the apology you may have heard a couple of episodes ago.

We do apologize for these, it’s not intentional but it’s not fair to you: the listener. The best explanation we can give for the mistakes you hear in the show is the rushed time these episodes are put together in. As we have mentioned previously, this is not our full time job, we both are working full time elsewhere. That being said, we have been trying to put out an episode pretty much every week. This has led to sometimes a rushed production; therefore mistakes.

So, to remedy this, we have decided to take the show to a bi-weekly format with a schedule, this hopefully will give us more time to put this whole thing together; with more time for quality control. 

The new season will launch Thursday morning, 14th of November. Then new episodes arrive every two weeks subsequent. The break is to help us get ahead, which in turn, should help with the problems mentioned earlier.

The first episode will be on Hayden Poulter. As I record this, we just checked the poll and Sophie Elliot is with a lead, but when I started writing a couple of days ago it was not. So we just had to pick one.

Finally, as always, thank you. The supportive messages and emails we receive on a daily basis is so heartwarming. If you ever want to contact the show for ideas on episodes or just to let us know what you think; you can contact us at or email directly at

Thank you for sharing the show with people you know, that is currently the only form of advertising we have so it means so much to us.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the podcast and we hope to see you on the 14th of November for the launch of the second season of True Crime NZ. 

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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