Listener Choice for an Upcoming Episode

Hi friends,

We have a new two part series in the mix; we think it is an interesting episode covering a very important time in NZ history. We’ll give you a clue; its set in the 1980s.

After that, it is up to all you wonderful people. We were curious how an idea of letting the audience pick the next episode would go over. It is an experiment, see how many people engage and want to be involved in that process.

There are three options we have on our future episode list.

  1. Sophie Elliott – 22-year-old Sophie Elliott was stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend Clayton Weatherston. 2008. DUNEDIN, OTAGO.
  2. Hayden Poulter – NZ’s first serial killer. 1997. AUCKLAND CITY, AUCKLAND.
  3. Beverly Bouma – a 45-year-old mother of four is shot dead after four masked and armed men burst into their secluded farmhouse. 1998. ROTORUA, BAY OF PLENTY.

You can vote in the poll here if you want to be involved:

2 thoughts on “Listener Choice for an Upcoming Episode

  1. Thanks so much for your podcast. My partner and I live listening to each episode. We have voted and would also love to see in the future: Mona Blades, Jane Furlong, Kayo Matsuzawa, Bain Family murders, Iraena Asher, Tracey Patient, Kirsty Bentley. Keep it up!!


    • We have added these stories to our future episode list. Missing people are always hard episodes to do as ultimately, all the information isn’t there. That’s why they are still missing, but that makes it a challenge which we are up for.

      The Bain Family, we are extremely hesitant to do as it has been covered extensively by in their Black Hands series. Anything we do will be in the shadow of that podcast but we’ve been asked multiple times to cover this story so maybe one day.

      Thanks for listening.


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