Tēnā koutou katoa,

Here we are, 13 episodes in. Since launch of True Crime NZ June 17th 2019, it has been a rollercoaster of an emotion so far, lots of highs and excitement; as well as having some really tough days – as is life. 

As the podcast has grown and evolved since the last time we did this. For anyone unaware, TCNZ is comprised of two people; my husband, Sirius; and me, Jessica. The podcast is independently produced, funded by passion for journalism and storytelling. The podcast is recorded in an emptied out cupboard in our spare room; in our spare time from our full time jobs.

At this point, no money is being made on the podcast. We feel the ethics of that are ultimately quite dubious considering the subject matter. Although, one day, we would love to do this as a full time job – so that may be revisited in the future.

Just to explain some of the decisions we’ve made. We remade the first five episodes of the podcast because of the criticism they were still receiving about the quality of the narration and overall quality of the content.

The show’s style had changed so much by that point as well. We decided that we would remaster the offending episodes. A decision that proved to be a lot more exhausting that we previously anticipated. That being said, they have all been remade now – so onward with the future.

One thing we want to address here is getting in contact with us. I have seen people asking questions in the form of reviews on different podcast catchers, specifically Apple Podcasts. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to any of these. We really wish we could but it’s just the way Apple decided to set it up. 

Also if you would like to give us a rating or a review on wherever you get your podcasts, that would be much appreciated – but especially Apple Podcasts. Our podcast rating has never really recovered from those early days.

So, alternatively you can contact us from our website –; or email us directly at

We also have a small social media presence. We have had people contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit pages. I will link these as well as the contact information in the show notes if you are interested in visiting these pages and join the conversation. 

We would love to hear from you. Making podcasts is actually quite isolating and lonely at times. Hearing about people enjoying our content is sometimes the shot in the arm we need to keep moving forward.

Finally, the show moving forward will continue producing the content you have become accustomed to but we will be experimenting and trying different ideas, the idea being to keep the show fresh and varied for you – the listeners, but also to change things up for us behind the scenes as well. 

This will begin as of the next episode, in an experiment we are calling True Crime NZ Investigates. Where instead of investigating a case, we investigate a subject. The first episode has been written and will hopefully be released this weekend.

We have mentioned this multiple times prior but once more, thank you so much for listening. Your time is precious and deciding to use that time to consume something we produced is really humbling. 

Peace and love,
The team at True Crime NZ

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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